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A quick guide on how it works!

Travellers and Tourists!

Host Tourists &
Visitors of your choice
Earn extra cash Connect with people
and make new friends
RoomFT Host - $35 Hotel - $95 Avoid expensive hotels.
Save your hard earned cash
Find a room when hotels are full
same bed

RoomFT (Room for Travellers) is a social network of Homeowners looking to earn extra cash and Tourists & Travellers looking for rooms.

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Are you a Homeowner or Tenant?

Do you have a room to rent in London or in any other city in the UK? 

You can earn extra cash by offering your spare room, sofa bed, couch or air/inflatable bed or room to share to global tourists and visitors of your choice.

There are thousands of tourists and visitors that need cheap places to stay.

Are you a Tourist or Visitor?

Do you need to find cheap places to stay?
Are hotels fully booked or too expensive for you?
Would you like to cut down your holiday costs?
Thinking about relocation ... Do you need a place to stay while you search for an apartment or home in the area?
Do you fancy staying with a local for an authentic experience?
Are you in between tenancy agreements and need a short term accommodation?

You can find cheap rooms and great places to stay on RoomFT. There are thousands of homeowners who would like to host you.

Everyone is welcome, from Students, Professionals, Backpackers, Retired people to stay at Home Moms. You get to connect and meet interesting people from all over the world.

It's FREE, quick and easy to join. You will be able to start using all our services in a few minutes

As a TOURIST or VISITOR you can:

  • Find cheap rooms in the UK or worldwide and avoid expensive hotels.
  • Search and contact hosts or post a room request anywhere in the world for homeowners to contact you.
  • Invite your friends to give you a personal recommendation.
  • Stay with a local and make new friends.
  • Upload your travel photos.
  • Create and join Groups

Are you a Homeowner or Tenant?

  • Offer your spare room to tourists and visitors.
  • Invite your friends to give you a personal recommendation.
  • Use the Traveller search facility to find tourists and visitors who have posted a room request in your area.
  • Earn extra cash.
  • Make new friends and learn about other cultures.
  • Upload photos to show off your room and location.
  • Create and join groups.

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London (East),
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
London (West),
United Kingdom
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Latest Rooms/Homes

Flat/Apartment GBP 30.00
London (North) ,
United Kingdom
Flat/Apartment GBP 20.00
Bristol ,
United Kingdom
Whole Room MYR 45.00
Wilayah Persekutuan ,
Whole Room EUR 25.00
Room Share USD 60.00
New Jersey ,
United States
Whole Room GBP 25.00
Cambridgeshire ,
United Kingdom
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